Vintage Handbag Rialto New York White Lucite purse


Vintage Rare Original Rialto NY White Lucite Handbag 1940's - 1950's
This handbag was my grandmothers and is in pristine condition. Beautiful white lucite from the 40's -50's
The only thing it needs is a new mirror glued into the lid.

Designer name - RIALTO NY is engraved on the hinge inside the bag (see photo)
It does not have any cracks or anything broken (unless the mirror)
The bag still has all its original parts- 4 feet, handle, rhinestones around top of handle.

5 1/2" tall ( from the feet to the top of the lid )
4 1/2" wide ( the front section of this 6 sided handbag )
2 1/2" wide ( the measurement of the 4 smaller sides of the handbag)
6" tall ( the measurement inside the handle when its upright )
3 3/4" wide ( the width of the handbag )
1 " round ( Button clasp )

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