About Us

My passion for anything vintage began at a very young age. Looking back it seems I was always drawn to the classic vintage jewelry that my grandma had, and the antiques that filled our house. Memories of going to garage sales and antique stores, which perhaps were my first true sources of creative inspiration. Years later the elements I find beauty in remain similar, from a rusty coffee can full of keys to old treasures found in a garage and even scraps from a torn down house.

For my business, my husband and I spend a considerable amount of time shopping for unique parts, researching supplies, and crafting each piece myself. The ideas are constantly changing with new materials and concepts, which keeps it inventive and appealing to a diverse clientele. Antiques and vintage pieces were made to last which is why using recycled and repurposed materials is such a simple choice. The jewelry I create encompasses everything I adore: antiques, vintage items, recycled materials and obviously a little sparkle. Every piece has a story that makes it unique. It was once gently loved, holds someone’s memories, and can be Upcycled as a new treasure for new memories and more love. Hearing that my jewelry reminds people of things like their mother, their grandfather, or a childhood home brings me great joy and is an aspect of this career that I truly love. I reside in beautiful Southern California, and travel whenever possible to find new inspiration. I am deeply grateful to have the support of my family and friends as I pursue this passion. Their encouragement motivates me to continue down this path of creativity. I am especially blessed to have the support of my husband Patrick, who now is equally excited about the treasure hunt and, also helps me with every street fair and event I take my creations to.
- Andrea


Where We Create

I absolutely love my studio and where we live! It's so important to have a place to create that is filled with things that inspire you, and make you happy. I love vintage furniture that keeps me organized. As a small business owner and juggling all the aspects of a business, its important to also find balance. I truly believe where you create should be your oasis to go to and find your creative juices flow. I try and garden whenever possible and balance working on websites and creating new treasures with digging in the dirt.