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My husband and I have always been attracted to Antique and Vintage items. We love to see the beauty in things that other people might throw out. An old stack of barn wood, a coffee can of rusted keys; all these things have incredible beauty in our eyes. We are always on the hunt to find the next new thing to Upcycle.

For our business we spend a considerable amount of time shopping for unique parts, researching supplies, and crafting each piece by hand. The product mix is constantly changing with new materials and concepts, which keeps it inventive and appealing to a diverse clientele. The definition of "Upcycling" To take something old and make it beautiful and useful again" we love the idea of Upcycling- It keeps things out of landfills, reuses what we already have on helps the planet use resources already in existence.Antiques and vintage pieces were made to last which is why using recycled and repurposed materials is such a simple choice. The products we create encompass everything we adore: antiques, vintage items, recycled materials and a bit of rust and dirt. We reside in beautiful Southern California, and travel whenever possible to find new inspiration. We are deeply grateful to have the opportunity to pursue this passion. With our family and friends encouragement we are motivated to continue down this path of creativity. We are truly blessed.


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