Rare Ivory Typewriter Punctuation Necklace • Shift Lock or Margin Release Keys • Authentic Typewriter Key

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Necklace length: 30

Word: Margin Release Right

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These are rare ivory Margin Release Typewriter key or Margin Release Right • Unisex Jewelry • One of a kind • Repurposed Vintage • Authentic Typewriter Pendant • A Great Steampunk Gift • Letters, Punctuation and Numbers available

This listing is for MARGIN RELEASE on a stainless steel bead ball chain.

You may not receive the exact one in the picture, but it will be an authentic typewriter keys. It may be a different font from a different typewriter. This key is directly off of an old vintage or antique typewriter. I can do almost all letters, numbers and punctuations. The chain is stainless steel bead ball, made in the USA and you choose from 18" or 30" length. It can easily be shortened by just clipping the chain. I am always focused on the best quality and i set the typewriter key in two stainless steel settings to finish it nicely on the backside.

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I T E M ∙ S P E C I F I C A T I O N S
- NECKLACE: 18" in length or 30"
- SETTING: Stainless Steel , 18mm round
- MATERIAL: Stainless Steel Bead ball Chain

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